Struggling as a Black Man in the Black Community

Struggling as a Black Man in the Black Community


Persuasion Skills Black Book: Practical NLP Language Patterns for Getting The Response You Want

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eBook: STOP Simping Movement Presents – STOP Simping; Game for Men


I wrote this book to give the game to men on how to deal with women. It comes with rules you can apply in life so you don’t end up Simping.

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Game is important for navigating life. There’s a lot of simping going on, but no representation from the game. When I went online to find more like-minded men, simping was at an all-time high. The internet is oversaturated with game goofy dudes who don’t know what the word “simp” means, they use it out of context. Giving the game the misinformed is why I wrote this book.

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